BLOG: 10 Strategies for Networking During This Pandemic and Beyond

10 Strategies for Networking During this Pandemic and Beyond

  1. It's all about the Know-Like-Trust Factor
    1. First your prospective clients have to know you
    2. Once they know you, they start to like you and your brand
    3. Once they know and like you, trust starts to develop. Only when trust develops, will a client 'buy' your services!
  2. It's all about the Relationship - Create positive relationships with colleagues, current and prospective clients, families, referral sources and the community.
  3. Build your own networking group
    1. Keep it small - 3 to 4 like-minded entrepreneurs
    2. Meet regularly - 2x/month seems to be the "sweet spot"
    3. Set an agenda - Share accomplishments. Describe a specific challenge you are experiencing. The group then brainstorms possible solutions. 
  4. Just Checking In -Are there relationships you need to reignite? Reach out and let people know you are thinking about them. Use email, texting, Facebook Messenger, and even the phone. Consider providing a small high-value resource for them, e.g. article, link to a pertinent podcast.
  5. It's not about you -- it's about them! 
    1. How you make people feel now is going to make a positive impact that will be remembered longer than the pandemic.
    2. Many in-person networking events are on pause, but relationship building is not!
    3. It's not about what they can do for you; rather, what you can do for them -- that is what will be remembered.
  6. Leverage texting
    1. An underused and undervalued strategy to build relationships
    2. Can be appropriate and effective for business purposes
    3. Keep it short and sweet
    4. In the beginning, respond as quickly as possible to keep the ball rolling--then ease up
    5. Use it as a business card
    6. Respect working hours
  7. Embrace video chats
    1. Be open to making the switch from in-person to virtual options
    2. Allows us to maintain current connections and even make new ones
  8. Rethink boundaries
    1. Prior to this pandemic, we thought local - now the world is your oyster!
    2. Invite people outside your geographic boundaries to connect
    3. Get involved with like-minded entrepreneurs
    4. Leverage participation in regional and national organizations
  9. Little things DO count!
    1. Little touchpoints nurture a relationship
    2. Use to build and maintain a relationship
    3. Applies to your network and your clients
    4. Examples:
      1. Repost on LinkedIn
      2. Send an article of interest
      3. Send a note through snail mail
      4. Follow up after connecting with someone new
  10. Always remember - Isolation breeds builds confidence! 


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Renee Matlock, the owner of The Private Practice Coach, shares with clients her wealth of experience, gained over 30 years of building a profitable, multi-disciplinary private practice.
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