Blog: Self-Care


Finding Fun in Our Everyday Lives

In the routine of our daily lives, it's easy to get caught up in work, chores, and responsibilities. However, finding joy in both our home and work life is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance and a positive mindset. Read more

Overcoming Perfectionism

Perfectionism is grounded in fear and worry. Many perfectionists fear that not being perfect will harm their reputation or value. However, perfectionism can be overcome with a mindset shift. Read more

Setting Boundaries

One of the ways we can reduce our work-related stress is to set boundaries. Having boundaries preserves our emotional energy and helps us achieve higher productivity. Read more

Sacred Self Care





Self-care is a popular topic and means different things to different people.  When I speak of Sacred Self Care, I am referring to taking an active role in protecting your well-being and happiness. Read More

 It’s All About Balance!






We all juggle so many hats (wife, mother, business owner, SLP, possibly adult caretaker). Taking care of yourself is just as much of a priority as taking care of all of those other things. Creating balance in your life helps reduce stress. Read More


Juggling Your Business and Your Family - The Only Tip You Will Ever Need!


I find the only way to manage this juggling act is to STAY IN THE PRESENT. Read More