BLOG: Starting a New Business? 22 Questions to Ask Yourself

Starting a New Business? 22 Questions to Ask Yourself

So you are starting your own business! If you are like I was when I first started out, there are a million and one thoughts running through your head. As you are starting your business, here are 22 important questions to ask yourself.* Take time to think about the questions and even write down your answers. This is a good exercise for you to complete to get focused on what’s important.

  1. Why am I starting a business?
  2. What kind of business do I want?
  3. Who is my ideal client/customer?
  4. What services or products will my business provide?
  5. Is there a market for these services and products?
  6. Will my client/customer be able to pay for these services/products?
  7. Am I prepared to spend the time and money needed to get my business started?
  8. What differentiates my business ideas and the services or products I will provide from others in the market?
  9. Where will I locate my business?
  10. Will I need employees? How many?
  11. What will I need in terms of equipment, materials and supplies?
  12. How much money will I need to get started?
  13.  Will I need to get a loan?
  14.  When will I open my business?
  15.  How long will it take before I am operating at a profit?
  16.  Who are my competitors?
  17.  How will I price my services/products?
  18.  How will I set up the legal structure of my business?
  19. What taxes will I need to pay?
  20. What kind of insurance do I need?
  21. How will I manage my business?
  22. How will I market/advertise my business?

By answering these questions you will be able to target the key business decisions that you will need to make!

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