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Branding - It's More Than What You See


Branding is a critical component to building and growing your business. It is more than your logo, website, and business cards. Branding isn't static, and has evolved to include the entire customer experience. "Brand" is currently defined as the subjective perception of value based on the sum of a person’s experience with a company, product or service that ultimately influences that person’s sentiment and decisions in the marketplace.

The 8 Key Principles of Branding Are About:

1. Conveying your message
2. Distinctiveness, simplicity and immediate recognition
3. Differentiation
4. Having a lasting effect on your consumer
5. What is emerging in technology and the effect on your brand
6. Knowing your target market—always do the research
7. Always evolving
8. The need to strategically plan

The Know/Like/Trust Factor - Rather than being "sell, sell, sell," you have to build genuine, authentic relationships with referral sources, clients, families, and your staff through your branding. People must get to know you, like you (your authentic, genuine self), and trust that you consistently deliver high quality service so that each client has the same experience.

Branding starts with developing your
• Mission (drives the direction of the company and all decisions)
• Values (the principles your practice stands for; your commitment to your staff, referral sources, and target market)
• Right-Fit Client profile (the client whose values match yours and who finds the perfect solution to their challenges in the services you offer)

Create a memorable brand experience for your Right-Fit Client by combining your design, your content, and your actions. Create a lasting impression and your clients will all become raving fans!

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Renee Matlock, the owner of The Private Practice Coach, shares with clients her wealth of experience, gained over 30 years of building a profitable, multi-disciplinary private practice.
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