BLOG: How do I Hire an Office Assistant? A Step-by-Step Guide

How do I hire an Office Assistant? A Step-by-Step Guide

A question often posed to me by my coaching clients is: When should I hire an office assistant? I usually respond with a question of my own, “Is your time better-utilized working ‘on’ your business than ‘in’ your business?” The answer to that question often is a resounding, “Yes!”. Your time is best spent on marketing and revenue-generating activities. Once you are ready to begin to delegate some of the work in your business to an assistant you will have more time to grow your business.

Here are the key steps to consider once you have made the decision to hire an assistant:

1. Make a list of the tasks that you would like the assistant to complete.  As you are completing tasks during your day, make a list of tasks that someone else could be doing. These tasks could include everything from copying and running errands to completing mailings and managing your social media. This list of tasks will assist you in compiling your job description.

2.  Based on this list of tasks, what skills must this assistant possess? How many hours do you project the assistant will need to work weekly to complete the job duties?  And what can you expect to pay this individual? 

3. Knowing the answers to questions #1 and #2 above, where is the best location for the assistant to work–virtually or on-site in your office. Where will the assistant be most productive?

4. Decide if the new assistant will be an employee or an independent contractor and calculate a budget. Be sure to consult with your accountant at this point.

5.  You are now ready to interview candidates and choose the best candidate to meet the needs of your business!

6. Don’t forget the last really important step in the hiring process–thorough training.

The time spent methodically going through the above steps will be well worth it. When your assistant is in place, your time can now be spent on growing your business!


Renee Matlock, the owner of The Private Practice Coach, shares with clients her wealth of experience, gained over 30 years of building a profitable, multi-disciplinary private practice.
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