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More on Stellar Customer Service

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Make customer service the point that differentiates your business from the crowd! 

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3 Customer Service Basics to Make Your Business Better

How to achieve personal service with a brilliant touch

Simon T. Bailey

We often hear customer service is really common sense. However, brilliant customer service isn’t that common. We personally remember uncommon, unique and unquestionably exquisite experiences that take our breath away. It is these rare occasions that become locked in our minds. This is how word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire and a hidden gem becomes an overnight sensation. 
You know what else spreads like wildfire? Poor, inconsistent, sloppy service. It sends the message that they don’t care whether or not you return because they have enough business without your patronage to keep going.
I was speaking recently at a convention in L.A. when I asked someone who worked in the venue a question. He looked me squarely in the eye and said bluntly “I don’t know. I am with a third-party company and that is not our job.” It was so blunt that it caught me off guard, and I made a mental note to not use his company in the future.
Across town at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, I had the opposite experience. I was finishing a meeting with a prospective client when I asked the waiter for the bill. He said, “Would you like for me to call valet and have your car brought around?” I looked at him like a deer in headlights. Now that’s personal service with a brilliant touch.
Product: Focus on the problem first. What problem does your product solve better than anything else out there? How are you giving your customers a solution that’s personal to them?
Process: Do you remember when you were first dating your spouse? You did whatever you had to do to capture their attention. If it meant fine dining, vintage wine, long walks in the park and hours of conversation, you did it. Yes, it was a process, but you knew it was worth it in the end. Well, somewhere along the way you stopped doing those things. Don’t forget the process. Whatever you did to catch them, you have to do to keep them.
Praise: What gets recognized gets repeated! Whenever I frequent Bonefish Grill, which (if I am lucky) is once every six or nine months, I am greeted by Sue, a server who calls me by name. WOW—what a brilliant touch. What can you do in your business to add a signature touch? 
Personal service with a brilliant touch is leaving an imprint on the heart and mind of every customer. Personal service with a brilliant touch is an attitude to exceed expectations and is standard operating procedure. Personal service with a brilliant touch is a way of life instead of the flavor of the month or quarter.
Welcome to the new normal where personal service with a brilliant touch is your point of differentiation!

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