BLOG: The Art of Delegation

 The Art of Delegation

Good delegation gets results, increases the capabilities of the team, and frees up your time to act as the CEO of your practice. Delegating effectively requires planning.

For effective delegation we must:

1. Start with hiring the right people with the right skill set - this is a critical step in the delegation process.

2. Have systems and policies and procedures in place. This gives the team the ability to carry out the tasks they've been assigned.

3. Match the right-fit team member to the task. Knowing your team's strengths and weaknesses will allow you to cultivate their skills.

4. Communicate expectations. The team needs to know the big picture, not just the task. 

5. Give the necessary authority to complete the task. If the team has to come to you every step of the way, you haven't accomplished delegating the task.

6. Be available for clarifying questions and providing feedback (do not micromanage).

7. Let go (this may be hardest part).

Delegation is not just about getting a task done. It is also an opportunity to develop your team for future growth. Making the most of your most valuable resource (your team) will help you grow your practice and reduce you overwhelm.

Note: Delegation also can pertain to outsourcing.

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