BLOG: We Can’t Do It Alone

We Can’t Do It Alone


I just wrote today’s date for the first time and for some reason the date rang a bell! Thirty-nine (yes–39!) years ago today, I graduated with my master’s degree in Communication Disorders.

Today I am so grateful for my career in this field and all the clients, parents, and families who entrusted their care and the care of their loved ones to me. I am grateful for my husband who supported me through every step of my journey in private practice. I am grateful for my beautiful daughters who look up to me as a role model–not the mom who didn’t make it to every softball game! Thank you to my professional colleagues–many of whom I call friends–who continue to be my sounding board. I am honored to work side-by-side with my Speech Plus staff who allow me to be their colleague and their leader. To my coaching clients, thank you for trusting me to guide you on your business journey. It has been and continues to be a great ride!

P.S. Mom and Dad–thank you for everything!

We can’t do it alone!  Who has helped you on your professional and business journey?


Renee Matlock, the owner of The Private Practice Coach, shares with clients her wealth of experience, gained over 30 years of building a profitable, multi-disciplinary private practice.
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