BLOG: Is Your Business a Well-Oiled Machine?

Is Your Business a Well-Oiled Machine?

It’s all about systems. A system is a method of doing something that can be done the same way, over and over, as efficiently as possible. It is a step-by-step guide to complete an essential business task. Systems play a significant role in building a business. They are essential building blocks and support our daily activities, which is why, as entrepreneurs, we need to incorporate them into our businesses.

Some of the key reasons to have well-defined systems in place are:

  • Identify what tasks are important to your larger business goals
  • To improve efficiency (any task you complete regularly needs a step-by-step system)
  • Standardize a set of procedures to complete tasks that really matter to your business
  • By having a system in place, you will get consistent, quality results
  • The more organization you bring to your business, the more business you can handle

The ideal business system is finite (well-defined start/end point, number of steps), repeatable, creates value and is flexible.

The 6 Steps of Business System Development

Step 1: Define Your Goals – What is the purpose of the system/process? How will you know if it is successful?  Start with the end results in mind and work backward (reverse engineering).

Step 2: Plan Your Process – This is the broad roadmap for the process. What are the steps needed to achieve your goals for a specific task?

Step 3: Set Actions and Assign Stakeholders  Identify the individual tasks you/your staff need to do in order to execute the plan. It is as simple as Step 1, Step 2, and so on.

Step 4: Test the System/Process – Run the process to see how it performs and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 5: Implement the System 

Step 6: Monitor the Results – Review and analyze the process to see how it is working.  Document the results for future revisions.

Systems are important for the tasks we do repeatedly, because they describe how things are done, and provide the focus for improvement.

Systems automate your business and make your life easier!

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