BLOG: Are You Leveraging Your Facebook and LinkedIn Relationships?

Are you leveraging your Facebook and LinkedIn Relationships?

Are you building ‘Likes’ on your Facebook business page and ‘Connections’ on your LinkedIn page? More importantly, are you leveraging these new relationships to build your business?

Too often these likes and connections are collected with no direct effect on the bottom line of your business. They do not turn into new business–they just sit on your page like bumps on a log. Here is a strategy that works and can be a part of your leading nurturing system. (

Follow this step-by-step system to leverage your FB and LI relationships:

  1. Use your FB or LI business page to build your right-fit client ‘Likes’ and ‘Connections’.
  2. Write your ‘story’ (just a paragraph or two) introducing you and the services you provide. Keep it simple. Be authentic and personal when crafting your story.
  3. When you receive a new connection, use FB Private Messenger and LI Messaging to forward your story. There is no better way to begin to develop the Know-Like-Trust Factor: ( Then connect with your followers periodically giving high-value content of interest to them.

This is as easy as 1-2-3! When your prospect is ready to use your services, they will think of you first! Do not ignore your new connections. Leverage these relationships to build your business!

If you have additional strategies to leverage your social media relationships to build your business, please share.

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